Decatur County UT Extension hosted the Western Region Tennessee Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science Agents a few weeks ago. Decatur County CASA is blessed that they chose CASA as their service project! All these items will be used when our Advocates meet with their CASA children. Advocates are the voice of abused and neglected children in the courtroom and meet with the children on a regular basis. Every child deserves a voice, but for children in the juvenile court system, that voice can be harder to hear. That’s why having a dedicated advocate is so important. These advocates are trained to support and guide children through their journey, ensuring they are heard and their needs are met. They can be a lifeline for these children.

If you feel a tug on your heart to become an Advocate for children in Decatur County, do not delay. Without you, there is one less child with a voice. You could be the friend that shows up consistently to be their advocate and change their life. You can apply to become an Advocate or donate at or contact Decatur County CASA Executive Director, Pamela Bartholomew at