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Court Interpreters

The Court interpreter credentialing program was established so that individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) would have equal access to the judicial system. The program tests interpreters’ abilities to understand English terminology and tests their ability to accurately interpret from English into the target language and vice-versa, so that the courts and those that are limited in their English abilities have access to qualified interpreters for court proceedings.

Please remember that the AOC has funding to pay for interpreter costs during court hearings in juvenile, general sessions, trial and appellate courts whether the case is civil or criminal and whether the parties are found indigent or not.

Court Interpreters Wanted

If you think you are interested in becoming a court interpreter, this assessment can help you decide if you have the skills needed to be a court interpreter before you start the testing process.

We are always looking for people who can interpret for those that speak another language. We need interpreters that speak Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Somali and many other languages. For more information, please download our brochure or visit our section about becoming a court interpreter.

Judicial, Attorney and Clerk Resources

For judges looking for an interpreter, please download our Judicial Interpreter Bench Card.

For attorneys looking for an interpreter, please download our Attorney Interpreter Information Card.

For clerks looking for an interpreter, please download our Clerk Interpreter Information Card.

Determining Language Spoken

Language Access Plan

Local Language Access Plan Template

Right to Interpreter poster