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Tennessee Access To Justice

The Tennessee Supreme Court hopes that everyone will get help from a lawyer for their legal questions. The best thing you can do if you have a legal problem is to talk with a lawyer. But the Court realizes that sometimes people cannot get help from a lawyer because they cannot afford one or they decide they want to represent themselves. Because of this, the Court created this website.

About the Tennessee Access to Justice Initiative

The Tennessee Supreme Court announced its access to justice campaign on December 5, 2008. The Court cited the urgent and tremendous legal needs gap in Tennessee, a gap that is only growing in the current economic situation as Tennessee's indigent and working poor families face more legal problems caused by unemployment, predatory loans, uninsured medical bills, domestic violence, evictions, and foreclosures. The Court hired, through the Administrative Office of the Courts, an Access to Justice Coordinator and made access to justice its number one strategic priority. Since then, the Access to Justice Team has grown to 3 staff members which support 10 commissioners.

Our Initiatives

Resource Map &

Please review our Resource Map for information on how to get free legal help, how to represent yourself in court, links to court forms, and many other resources!

Why is Pro Bono So Important for Young Attorneys?

Whether it means getting early face time with local judges, or being able to take a case all the way through trial, we encourage all young attorneys to take on pro bono!

Looking for Legal Help? LEGAL AID May be Able to Take Your Case!

Need legal help in Tennessee? Reach out to your local legal aid to find out if you qualify. Or start quickly by using